Bay Window Curtain Poles

Bay window curtain poles are our speciality.

Showing 25mm Curved Bay Curtain Pole, Plain Ball Finials in Traditional Black
25mm Curved Bay Curtain Pole, Plain Ball Finials in Traditional Black

Years of experience makes all the difference…

We’ve made hundreds (maybe thousands) of superb quality, bespoke wrought iron bay window curtain poles for both angled and curved (bow) bay windows. As a result we have a wealth of experience, technical expertise and resources to make these using measurements supplied by the customer.

Never bent to a drawing chalked on the workshop floor, these custom made bay window curtain poles are properly designed and validated using AutoCAD.  This way an exact fit is assured that runs level and parallel to the walls of the bay. The result is a quality, well engineered, beautiful bay window curtain pole. One that works as it should at the best possible price.

Technically better…

If anyone can do it, we can! We can make bay poles from either solid bar or tube, simple and complex, multi-angled, curved or combination. If you supply mm accurate measurements, we can supply a pole to fit within mm accuracy of those measurements. We can even put a uniform, non contrasting, caramelised beeswax finish on tube too. As fully qualified Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineers, not just Blacksmiths or Farriers, we know what we’re doing.

And cheaper too…

It’s basically down to efficient manufacturing techniques. Whilst still hand-made, and we do use the hammer and anvil where necessary, we don’t pretend to be using  out-dated, purely 17th century methods which would add absolutely nothing but huge cost and inaccuracy to the poles.

(Although historically, the more skilled the blacksmith, the less obvious the hammer marks, if you do want extra hammer marks  just ask, they’re easy and free!)

Every manufacturer that makes wrought iron bay curtain poles uses MIG or ARC welders in the process, as we do. We make things properly, carefully and efficiently with the benefit of years of production experience and are honest about our methods. Also, we don’t spend a fortune (in fact, nothing!) on professional branding and marketing so there’s none of those overheads to recover.  Please do compare our prices and quality.

What to expect…(assuming we’ve been given the correct measurements, of course!)

  • The pole should keep the same offset around the bay and the distance from the walls should not vary. Variations in offset can be especially apparent in badly made curved bay curtain poles.
  • A bay window curtain pole should be flat without twisting out of plane between bends or along a curve.
  • Passing rings should not catch on the brackets or jump off the curtain pole, a common complaint of poorly designed poles.
  • The curtain pole should be properly supported and not sag at the corners . It should be stable and not twist when the curtains are moved along it.
  • The  bracket fixing plates should align properly.
  • The  pole should fit perfectly without the subsequent need for various modified brackets to be despatched.
  • And last but not least…No ridiculous price tag!

Hanging Curtains with Passing rings

The curtain heading tape usually has three rows of pockets and strings. With curtain tracks, the hooks are inserted into the bottom or middle row of pockets so that the curtain heading hides the track. However, for curtain poles the hooks should be inserted into the top row of pockets so that the curtain hangs below the pole. This is especially important when using Passing rings.

Passing rings should be attached to the curtain hooks inserted in the top pockets of the curtain header tape so that the curtain hangs below the rings.

A curtain hanging below Passing rings
Passing rings work best when above the curtain

Available in two diameters…

Strong, elegant 16mm diameter solid bar

A bay window curtain pole formed from 16mm solid iron bar would usually use a five bracket passing ring system which ensures proper support so that the pole does not sag at the corners. Whilst being strong enough for any size bay, these allow closer bends and result in a  better, more elegant fit than can sometimes be achieved with larger diameters, especially for more complex bays. The refined look of the 16mm diameter poles is in constant demand and remains ever popular.

Mulit-bend Curtain pole for a bay window with Round cage finials
Multiple bends – no problem!
A French Return on a curtain pole
We can even make Bay window poles with French returns.

 Contemporary, chunky & rigid  25mm diameter tubing

If you’re looking for larger curtain poles we can also make 25 mm  bay curtain poles  for both Angled and Curved bays. These are made from high quality thick wall tubing ( thicker quality than The Bradley Collection steel curtain poles).  Steel tubing is used as anything in solid bar above 16mm diameter could put excessive strain on wall and ceiling fixings due to the weight, and the heavier the pole, the more it will sag under it’s own weight.

The 25mm poles are available in the same finishes as the 16mm range. These are very strong and rigid poles which can span a greater distance than solid bar without extra support, so are often more suitable for ringless curtains too.

A 25mm diameter ceiling fix pole with Round cage finial in Pewter
25mm diameter ceiling fix pole with Round cage finial in Pewter


A 25mm diameter Curved curtain pole with Ball & Collar finials on a plain background.
25mm diameter Curved curtain pole with Ball & Collar finials.

If you need any advice we’re very happy to discuss. Either email us here  or just give us a call on 01386 700299.

A window with customer measuring guidance
Specific measuring advice.

How to find point on curved wall


Measuring for your Bay window curtain pole…

Scroll down and click on the appropriate drawing to select your bay window shape and follow the instructions for the required measurements.  There’s a calculator which will give you a very good idea of the cost too. Remember, these are just examples of the more common designs but we can make poles for just about any shape of bay with any number of bends.  We can also make curtain poles for ceiling fix too. Let us know if you have any particular requirements and we can let you know what measurements to take.

Please note: The 16mm bay window curtain poles have five brackets making them suitable for use with a single pair of curtains using passing rings. This design would not be suitable for a single pair of Tab-Top or Eyelet curtains as they could not cross the intermediate passing brackets.

Ask for our solutions for using TabTops and Eyelet curtains with your bay window.

Bay Window Shapes…

Click on the nearest shape to your Bay window below

One bend bay window curtain poles linkTwo bend bay window curtain poles linkThree bend bay window curtain poles linkFour bend bay window curtain polesSix bend bay window curtain polesCurved or Bow bay window curtain polesCurved and straight bay window curtain poles

Guaranteed to fit?

Of course!  If you’ve provided accurate wall measurements and all relevant information, it’s no more than your entitlement that the pole fits properly.