New 25 mm Diameter poles

This is just another short post. To be honest, I’ve just been so incredibly busy I’ve had no time at all to write up much. I do like writing the blog (and hopefully people actually read it!) so I must try to organise my time better.

Anyway, I’ve decided to add 25mm diameter curtain poles to the range as sometimes I’m asked if I make curtain poles in larger diameters. I’m just interested to see what sort of demand there’ll be for these; plus, a change is as good as a rest! These poles will be made from thick wall steel tubing as anything above 16mm in solid bar can get extremely heavy for wall fixings, especially when carrying heavy curtains. So they’ll be made in tube in all the colours of the wrought iron finishes; Beeswax, Tradtional Black or Pewter. Being made from tubing, they’ll have a smooth surface and texture so will appeal to those who are looking for a different look to the rustic charm of  wrought iron. Of course they’ll be extremely competively priced and very high quality.

I’ll be making Bay window curtain poles in 25mm diameter too, both Angled and Curved types and I’ll have some images on the website very soon.

I should have posted an image here to add a bit of interest, but that’ll have to wait until tomorrow when I can photo a curtain pole sample. As an aside, I’ve got a photo of Laurence Llewellyn Bowen showing my curtain poles in his own house somewhere so I’ll see if I can find it and if I can that’ll do for the time being…

…Can’t find the one I was looking for (which was the top one showing the curtain pole too) but I’ll update if I can find it. I had to download these from the curtain maker’s website whom I’d supplied. Apparently he chose mine over loads of others as they were just what he was looking for.



What a busy week

I’ve been really busy this week; loads and loads of orders coming in which is great as January is usually a bit slow. One is for one of the largest private residences in Wales, as well as a couple of 30+ pole orders, to orders for a few extra rings and everything in between. I definitely have my work cut out now!

I’m still a bit behind with a few pre-christmas’s which I need to get done so I’ll be working over the weekend again to try and catch up. I’ve also got a backlog of quotes again, mostly the technically challenging ones which can take ages to do. I never charge enough for them!

I’ve been making French poles and bays mainly this week. I’ve included a couple of photos of the poles that were finished yesterday; a Flared Ball Bay and Round Cage Bay in Pewter which will be sent out on Monday.

Showing Flared Ball Bay window curtain pole in Pewter
Flared Ball Bay window curtain pole in Pewter
showing Round Cage Bay window pole in Pewter
Round Cage Bay window pole in Pewter

I’m also launching a new range of poles which will be on the website in the next couple of weeks.




Still catching up…

Haven’t really got a great deal to say at the moment but don’t want to lose momentum writing the blog so I thought I better say something. I think I’m just a bit tired after another busy week. I’m still trying to catch up with a backlog of work… slow suppliers don’t help either. Loads of interesting work is coming in at the moment though. I think I’ve done 8 quotes so far this evening, and a few nice orders, so another reason why I’m not writing much as I still have more to do (sorry to anyone still waiting but I should be caught up tonight) . Some interesting stuff is coming in, such as a couple of double curved bays with Passing brackets and rings (I like a challenge!). I’ve had  a few overseas enquiries from Australia, Denmark (again), Sweden, USA and quite a few orders for Curtain poles with Flared Ball finials all of a sudden. It’s really weird how a particular design  is suddenly in demand as though it’s the result of a collective decision made somewhere.  I had a rush on Arrowhead curtain poles a few months ago but they seem to have gone off the boil a bit now.

Flared Ball curtain pole
Flared Ball curtain pole in Beeswax

Well,  I better get back to the quotes!


Just a quick one!


I spent today catching up on all the admin, answering emails, quotes, etc. It’s amazing how long all that takes so I’m back in the workshop tomorrow; I’m quite looking forward to it after the break. I’ve got some new ideas for products to add to the range which is as much about “a change is as good as a rest” as anything!

I’ve added a testimonials page to the website too, starting from today,  so I’ll keep that updated from time to time. I’m half thinking of getting a marketing person in to do all the social media thing as personally, I can’t stand Facebook, etc. but it seems a necessary evil to some degree. Also, maybe get a professional photographer to take some decent photos for the website which is something I should really get sorted out. I just hope I find the time…

Bay window pole with stopper finials

Curved Curtain Bay Window Curtain Pole

This curved bay window curtain pole has Stopper finials and a Beeswax finish. It was made yesterday but I didn’t get a chance to photograph it until today. It’s just been loosely assembled and balanced on stands to give a better impression of how it will look. There’s also a picture of the room it’s going in to…

This pole could have also been made in 25mm diameter with Ball &Collar finials. See the options  here

Today I made a five-bend bay window pole with Button finials in Pewter and a couple of straight poles to match.

Curved and Angled Bay window curtain poles

I’ve been making  loads of bay window poles lately and I thought I’d just show some of the process. The photos aren’t that brilliant as these things are quite difficult to photograph in the workshop and can only really be appreciated once they’re up above a window. Also, I’m not much good at photography!

In this example the customer has supplied a photo of the bay as well as the measurements when emailing for quote.

Customer’s Bay window
Measurements supplied for the bay

We write back with the quote and send a drawing to show how the pole will look in relation to the bay.

Schematic of bay window pole

After the customer accepted the quote and ordered the design drawings are created…

…from which the pole is formed continuously with no welded sections

Curved pole nearly finished

Here’s another muti-angled bay window curtain pole that’s going out tomorrow along with yet another curved bay pole (which I’ll photograph tomorrow).

Bay window pole, Button finials in Pewter

Snow, Bay window poles, Couriers

Made a couple of Bay poles today, a multi-angle Pewter one (Pictured) and a curved Beeswax (well, not quite finished actually).  The reflection in the Plain Ball finials is from the green awning overhead, stopping the trees dropping snow on the pole.

Everything was slower today due to the thick snow. It was a good 9″ deep in parts in Blockley and had to dig the car out several times to get home.

A package was due for delivery at the workshop so I had to be there in case it arrived. It didn’t arrive and thought they’d have obvious problems delivering but was surprised to get an email from DPD saying they’d attempted delivery and left a card but as no one was there they’d try again tomorrow.  I was there, they didn’t attempt delivery, they didn’t leave a card and there were no extra deliveryman footprints in the snow. Why didn’t they just say they couldn’t deliver today due to the weather conditions instead of gambling that probably I wouldn’t have made it in and making stuff up? This is why we use UPS for deliveries (or TNT occasionally), as they’re much more professional. Things do go wrong sometimes with deliveries, even with the best couriers, but most people are reasonable if you’re honest about it, so why try to hoodwink them?

laser measure for bay windows

Bought a laser measure months ago with the intention of using it to measure up for local bay windows but never got round to advertising the service or using it. Today I had an appointment to measure up and thought I’d try it out on a bay window in a house in Honeybourne.  It was pretty useless! It measures incredibly accurately if you can hold it steady enough but it’s so difficult to keep it from moving around when measuring from corner to corner over a 3 – 4m distance.  I persisted far too long with the damned thing before finally admiting it was no silver bullet. Anyway, the moral of the story… the very quickest and best way to measure a multi-angled bay window is with a decent tape steel tape measure and an angle finder, especially if you’re measuring a large bay without help.

Had some more nice emailed feedback from customers today:

Hi Stephen,

Thanks for the poles, lovely job, nice finish, fitted perfectly, great to (see) someone making something well nowadays.



“Hi Stephen

I just wanted to thank you so much for the curtain poles. They are all up and look wonderful in the room.

Have a great Christmas


Thank you too, Pete Ketchen and Lucy Bishop, much appreciated.


Not long to go and loads to get through!

Worked out that I need to make at least one and a half bay window poles and four straight poles a day, every day, up to the 21st which will be the last despatch day before Christmas! Everything else will have to go on the back-burner until the pole orders are done.

I had a nice email from one of my Danish orders saying all had arrived safely and how pleased they were with the “Stopper in Beeswax pole”. It’s to go above this door…

Might add a dedicated testimonials page to the website as I must get several a week… I’m just not sure whether anybody believes testimonials these days!

We went out for a meal last night and there were those Edison type lights eveywhere, hanging on wrought iron hooks from the ceiling in the restaurant. It made me think again about doing a range of lighting,  although this particular type seem to be more decorative than functional. Most designs seem to be  have the bulb itself as the main feature which is simply framed; very easy to make! I’ll post some design ideas or photos  when I get a chance to make some prototypes, although I also have  an oversized, 4ft wrought iron clock to make first thing after Christmas as well as the usual poles.



Boot rack

Made a boot rack today as a bespoke item, to a customer’s own design. The top is designed so that it can be sat on while you’re pulling you boots on or off. The top is made from heavy gauge sheet steel and the rack is 20 x 5mm strap. The feet are all adjustable (stopper design) for uneven floors. It weighs a ton! It’s still in a “raw” state and needs the finish applied to it. Need to find out whether it should be Black or Beeswax.