Continuous curve

How to measure a continuous curve bay…

Curved Bay Window Curtain Pole.

Also known as Bow Window or Round Bay.

How to measure up for a curved bay window pole

We want to get it right…

Please read: By default, these poles are for bay windows with smooth continously curved walls of constant radius. If your bay has any straight wall sections along the wall between A-B-C, including any short reveals, please let us know so that the pole can be made accordingly.

Along the face of the curved wall
Measure in millimetres from A to C =
Depth of the Bay
Measure in millimetres from B to D =
Across the front
Measure in millimetres from A to C =

Along the Return walls too?

showing left return wall
Left return wall
Showing right hand return wall
Right return wall

If you’d like the pole to continue around the return walls please also measure:

Measure in millimetres from 1 to A =
Measure in millimetres from 2 to C =

•Take measurements along the wall at pole fixing height, above the window, where the brackets are to be fixed (even for ceiling fix poles).
•If necessary state the distance you’d like between the wall and the pole (the default is 45mm)
•If necessary state where you’d like the finial to end (the default is the mouth of the bay). The poles can have return bends too.
•Measure in millimetres as errors can accumulate
** Use a  metal tape measure, held taut for the straight lengths.
** Use a fabric or fibre-glass tape flat along the face of the curved wall.

You’ll need someone to give you a hand especially for the curve depth B to D length. Please be as accurate as possible here as a small error can make a big difference.

We can make a pole fit with remarkably little space for brackets but please let us know if there are any potential issues.

How much will it cost?

There’s a price calculator which will give you a good idea of the cost.

How to Order?

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