Curtain Poles

Curtain pole styles.

Best quality curtain poles at sensible prices.

The main range of curtain poles are individually hand made to order from substantial yet slim and elegant 16mm diameter solid iron bar with integral finials, pre-fitted with four double-hoop iron curtain rings per 30 cm.

Solid bar is harder to work, heavier and so costs more to manufacture and deliver, but does gives a simple beauty and authentic character to a wrought iron curtain pole.  Although we have experimented with larger diameters we have found the slimmer 16mm has proven to be the most in demand as solid wrought iron bar can look crude in larger diameters as well as being excessively heavy for wall and ceiling fixings.

Available in Beeswax, Traditional Black or Pewter finish.

Larger diameter metal poles?

If you do prefer larger diameter metal curtain poles, we also offer poles made from 25mm diameter, thick wall steel tubing. These have the same finish options as the wrought iron range although, as yet, in a more limited range of finials. These are supplied with three rings per 30cm. Bay window curtain poles, both curved and angled, are also available in 25mm diameter.


Showing Flared Ball finials in different diameters
Relative sizes of 16mm and 25mm diameters (Flared Ball finials)

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Showing the Stopper curtain pole finial in a Beeswax finish.
Stopper in Beeswax


Shown with a Beeswax finish.

Finial length 20 mm.

Extremely popular simple, rustic design.

Showing a plain ball finial curtain pole in a beeswax finish
Plain Ball in Beeswax

Plain Ball

Finial length: 40 mm.

Shown with a  Beeswax finish.

Best selling classic design for curtain poles and bay window poles. Suits both contemporary and traditional décor.

**Price Example**

This complete bespoke wrought iron curtain pole only £52 for any length up to 150cm  overall including finials, brackets, and 4 iron double hoop rings per 30cm of working pole length. Choose Black or Beeswax finish.

 Ball and Collar curtain pole in Pewter finish

Ball & Collar

Shown with a Pewter finish

Finial length: 50 mm (approx).

Ball and collar curtain pole in black

Ball & Collar (Black)

Shown with aTraditional Black finish.

Finial length: 50 mm (approx).

Flared Ball curtain pole

Flared Ball (Beeswax)

Finial Length: 50 mm (approx)

This is an unusual variation

round cage curtain poles in pewter finish

Round Cage

Shown with a Pewter finish.

Finial length: 80 mm (approx).

Nice alternative to other cage designs.

Button curtain poles in pewter


Shown with a Pewter finish.

Finial length: 6mm.

For a minimalist look and a solution where space is limited.

arrowhead curtain poles in beewax


Shown in Beeswax finish.

Finial Length approx 110 mm.

Better in Beeswax or Pewter.


cage and ball curtain poles in beeswax

Cage & Ball

Shown in Beeswax finish.

Finial length 190 mm.

ossian cage curtain poles in pewter

Ossian Cage

Shown in Pewter finish

Finial length 165 mm


French pole in Black

French Style

Length of returns (inside distance between pole and wall) can be specified from 100mm to 150mm.
The fixing plates’ dimensions are 100 x 40 mm (approx). The pole returns sit in  the centre of the bracket plates which gives 20mm from the edges of bracket plate to pole and screw hole centres.

Diagram to show how to measure
How to give measurements for French Poles


Double Poles

We can make these too, in various styles and bracket projections to suit.