5 sided bay window curtain pole

Solutions for unusual bay windows

Today I made a pole for a 7 sided bay with a couple of very short angled walls between the two non parallel parts of the bay which made for a slightly awkward shape. The other challenge was that there was only an inch or so of window frame to fix the brackets to, and these needed to be Passing brackets.

The best solution was to treat the bay as if it were a 5 sided bay window and to use horizontal bracket plates that would sit above the pole. That way the pole could fit to the very limited space at the top of the window frame while keeping nice converging lines from the room to the window.

The photos below show the bay, the design scheme drawing, the finished curtain pole (apart from the waxing) and a close up of the centre joining bracket.

showing a 7 sided bay window
The bay window
The Bay shape
The Bay shape
Bay Pole with Ball & Collar finails in Black
The curtain pole with Ball & Collar finails in Black
Centre Joining Bracket detail
Centre Joining Bracket with fixing plate above pole