Curtain Poles

Curtain pole styles.

Best quality curtain poles at sensible prices.

The curtain poles are individually hand made to order. We use substantial yet slim and elegant 16mm diameter solid iron bar with integral finials, pre-fitted with 4 double-hoop iron curtain rings per foot. We also make curtain poles from 25mm diameter tubing which have a detachable finial; three rings per foot included in the price for these poles. All curtain poles, including bay window poles, can be supplied with brackets for wall or ceiling mount or both.

“Dear Emer and Stephen, I’m just dropping you a line to thank you so much for the curtains poles, we are so pleased with them. They fit the windows perfectly and look beautiful in the room – I’m so glad we went ahead with the commission. I have already started passing your details to admiring friends!” Jenny (2020)

Solid bar is harder to work for straight lengths (although tubing is much harder for bends), heavier and so costs more to manufacture and deliver, but does gives a simple beauty and authentic character to a wrought iron curtain pole.  Although we have experimented with larger diameters in solid bar we have found the slimmer 16mm has proven to be the most in demand as solid wrought iron bar can look crude in larger diameters as well as being excessively heavy for wall and ceiling fixings. We do also offer 25mm diameter poles in thick gauge tube… see below!

Available in Beeswax, Traditional Black or Pewter finish.

Larger diameter metal poles?

If you’re looking for larger metal curtain poles, we also offer poles made from 25mm diameter, thick wall steel tubing. These are available in Black or Pewter finish (not Beeswax) with many of the finial options of the 16mm range and come supplied with three rings per 30cm. Bay window curtain poles, both curved and angled, are also available in 25mm diameter.

Extra long or curved poles?

These very popular 25mm diameter poles can be made to any length if you’re trying to find extra long poles!

We can make curved poles too…great for Oast houses!

Ball & Collar finial on curtain pole in beeswax


Unfortunately due to time constraints we don’t provide samples of ironwork

Stopper (16mm only)

A consistent and absolute best seller!

Showing the Stopper curtain pole finial in a Beeswax finish.

Details for 16mm dia pole: Finial length 20 mm.

Shown with a Beeswax finish.

Extremely popular simple, rustic design. Even “a special HRH Royal ” (no clues, but since promoted!) has ordered four of these in Beeswax.

Plain Ball

Always popular and always will be… great in any setting

Plain Ball in Beeswax curtain pole finial

Shown with a  Beeswax finish.

Details for 16mm dia pole (above): Finial length: 40 mm.

Details for 25mm dia pole: Finial Length: 50 mm

25mm diameter pole with Plain Ball finial in Black (also available in Pewter)

Best selling classic design for curtain poles and bay window poles. Suits both contemporary and traditional décor.

Price example (Plain ball)…

This complete bespoke wrought iron curtain pole only £103 for any length up to 150cm  overall including finials, brackets, and 4 iron double hoop rings per 30cm of working pole length. Choose Black or Beeswax finish.

Ball & Collar

A variation that has never gone out of fashion…

Ball & Collar with Pwewter finish
Ball&Collar finial in black

Details for 16mm dia pole: Finial length: 50 mm (approx).

Shown with a Pewter finish (above) and Black

Hi Stephen,
Just wanted to let you know we are super happy with the poles. Great craftsmanship, excellent quality, brilliant packaging. Wouldn’t hesitate to recommend your work.
Kind regards
” (May 2021)

Flared Ball

In demand, and we sell lots and lots of these… only made by us.

Details for 16mm dia pole: Finial Length: 50 mm (approx)

Our own unique design…

Flared Ball Curtain pole with Beeswax finish
Beeswax Finish

Flared Ball Finial in Beeswax link to prices
Pewter Finish

Round Cage

Not quite as popular as they once were but we’re still offering them for old times sake!


Details for 16mm dia pole: Finial length: 80 mm (approx).

Shown with a Pewter finish.


Always practical and in demand.

16mm Button In Beeswax

Details for 16mm dia pole: Finial length: 6mm.

Showing Button finials in Pewter on 25mm pole

Details for 25mm pole: Finial length: 8mm.

Shown with a Pewter finish.

For a minimalist look and a solution where space is limited.

Cage & Ball

A classic finial but again, we don’t sell so many at all now but I hope they’ll become fashionable once more. Personally I think this particular finial still looks great, especially in Pewter.

Details for 16mm dia pole: Finial length 190 mm.

Shown in Beeswax finish.

French Style Curtain Poles

Our unique, clean & simple design is very sought after.

French style pole

See details for French poles here french-style-curtain-poles

Portière rods ( Door curtain poles, Drapery arms )

Function and Form in perfect harmony!

Portiere in Beeswax

Let us know your requirements and we’ll give you a competitive price.