Rings, Brackets, Finishes

Curtain rings, Brackets, Finishes

We make our own brackets and curtain rings as well as using our own finishes. Just as we make all our curtain poles, so the curtain rings and brackets are all made in our workshop too.


There are several types of brackets for different situations.
These include:

Showing a standard bracket in beeswax

The Standard Bracket…

is made from 16 x 5 mm strap and projects the pole 45mm  being the gap between the wall and pole  (or 53mm from wall to pole centre). The bracket is 115mm from bottom to top. The 5mm diameter screwholes are centred 20mm and 65mm frrom the bottom of the bracket.

The Centre Support Bracket… can also be used as an alternative to the Standard Bracket where space is limited.

Supprt bracket
Support bracket with horizontal back plate

Ceiling Fix Brackets…Here showing short drop ceiling brackets (about 25mm from ceiling to pole). Other drops are available.

Ceiling fix brackets in Beeswax
Ceiling Fix Brackets (short drop)

Showing Joining Bracket in Armour Bright
Joining Bracket

The Joining Bracket… used to join bay window curtain pole halves and longer poles which are in sections. Shown here with a 25mm high fixing plate.

Please note this is not a “Passing Bracket”

Integral Support Bracket… used with bay window and extra long poles to allow “passing” rings to travel over them.

Showing an Integral Support Bracket
Integral Support Bracket

Recess Brackets… for use with Recess poles e.g. opposing walls in recesses.

Vertical Recess Bracket with Capture ring
Horizontal Recess bracket with Capture ring

Showing Ceiling fix bracket
Ceiling fix bracket ( Ceiling bracket for Passing rings also available)

Ceiling Brackets…  available for straight or Bay window curtain poles. The gap between the pole and the ceiling can be specified as some finials are larger than others. Ceiling brackets for Passing rings are also available.

All brackets available in Beeswax, Traditional Black or Pewter finish

Brackets in hot beeswax
Brackets dipped in hot beeswax

Rings (16mm poles)

There are two types, “Double hoop” and “Passing” of which 4 per 30cm are supplied with each 16mm diameter pole.

showing black hoop rings
Double Hoop rings

Double Hoop (16mm)…These are made from two pieces of drawn steel, 4mm dia steel for the larger ring, 3mm for the smaller.
Each is hand assembled from saw cut steel. This gives a very close join and smooth action.
The distance from the top of the pole to the inside bottom of the small ring is approx 38mm.

Showing Passing rings
Passing ring dimensions

Passing rings (16mm)…These are individually fabricated from the larger and smaller rings and have a quarter cut out of the main curtain ring so that they can pass over the integral bracket.
The distance from the top of the pole to the bottom inside of the small ring is approx 44mm.

Note: Rings for curtain poles, especially Passing rings, must be attached to hooks inserted at the top of the curtain header tape. Click here for more info.

Various people claim to have invented Passing rings but it is a system that has been used with curtain poles at least since Victorian times!

Rings (25mm dia poles)

Double hoop rings for 25mm diameter poles
Double hoop rings for 25mm diameter poles

Double Hoop ring (25mm pole)

A chunkier pole needs a chunkier curtain ring so for 25mm diameter poles we go one better than most and use 5mm dia steel for the large hoop ring, and 3mm for the small ring.

For working out curtain drop, the distance from the inside top of the large ring to the inside bottom of the small ring is 52mm. The large ring has an internal diameter of 40mm.

Passing ring  (25mm pole)

These are the same materials as the double hoop but with a quarter segment cut out.

For curtain drop the measurement from the inside top of the large ring to the inside bottom of the small ring is 60mm.


Although Black is usually a fairly safe bet, we don’t guarantee to colour match existing ironwork or items from other manufacturers. We wont attempt to do this from photographs (or descriptions) as there are too many variables such as white balance, lighting conditions and display settings. Having said that, finishes can still compliment each other even if they’re not exactly the same!

There are three types of finish but below the Traditional Black and Beeswax are shown for comparison and shows their subtle differences.

Beeswax…Applied directly to the solid bar (not available on 25mm), this gives a mellow, very dark rustic brown. We use our own recipe and method of applying this to give our poles a unique look (and aroma!). There can be variations in this as it is applied by hand but this is a very popular finish.

Traditional Black…This is a traditional paint finish which is useful where existing black ironwork needs to be complimented. The paint is hand-waxed afterwards and has a slight sheen.

Showing Traditional Black (Top) and Beeswax finishes
Traditional Black (Top) and Beeswax (Below)