Curve straight combination

How to measure a straight and curved combination bay…

This design of curtain pole is typically used for 1930’s Art Deco style windows

Drawing of curve straight combination

You will need to determine the points B and C where the curved wall section starts and ends.

Along the walls
Measure in millimetres from A to B =
Measure in millimetres from C to D =
Measure in millimetres from A to C =
Measure in millimetres from A to D =
Measure in millimetres from B to C =
Measure in millimetres from B to D =
Depth of curve
Measure in millimetres from E to F =

Along the Return walls too?

If you’d like the pole to continue around the return walls please also measure:

Measure in millimetres from 1 to A =
Measure in millimetres from 2 to F =

Take the measurements along the walls where the pole is to fix and include the full length of each wall section (even for ceiling fix poles). We will work out the pole size to fit allowing for bracket projection from these measurements.
•If necessary state the distance you’d like between the wall and the pole (the default is 45mm or 50mm for 16mm and 25mm diameter poles respectively)
•If necessary state where you’d like the finial to end (the default is the mouth of the bay). The poles can have return bends too.
•Measure in millimetres as errors can accumulate and please don’t assume opposites are equal as they quite often aren’t.
•Use a  metal tape measure, held taut for straight lengths.

For your sake and ours you must take the time to provide careful and accurate measurements. We won’t make bay poles unless we are confident they will fit!

You’ll need someone to give you a hand especially for the diagonals but just measure the walls as we’ll calculate the allowances for brackets.

We can make a pole fit with remarkably little space for brackets but please let us know if there are any potential issues.

A note on French Bay Window Curtain Poles

For French Bay Window Poles, the bracket plates are the “finials”. Once you’ve measured your bay window, let us know where you’d like the bracket plates located as these should not be on the bay corners.

How much will it cost?

There’s a price calculator which will give you a good idea of the cost.

How to Order?

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