Curved and Angled Bay window curtain poles

I’ve been making  loads of bay window poles lately and I thought I’d just show some of the process. The photos aren’t that brilliant as these things are quite difficult to photograph in the workshop and can only really be appreciated once they’re up above a window. Also, I’m not much good at photography!

In this example the customer has supplied a photo of the bay as well as the measurements when emailing for quote.

Customer's bay window where the pole is to be fitted.
Customer’s Bay window
Sketch supplied of bay window plan
Measurements supplied for the bay

We write back with the quote and send a drawing to show how the pole will look in relation to the bay.

CAD drawing of Bay window
Schematic of bay window pole
CAD Drawing created from customers measurements with dimensions
CAD Drawing created from customers measurements

After the customer accepted the quote and ordered the design drawings are created…

…from which the pole is formed continuously with no welded sections

Curved 16mm pole with returns
Curved pole nearly finished

Here’s another muti-angled bay window curtain pole that’s going out tomorrow along with yet another curved bay pole (which I’ll photograph tomorrow).

Curtain pole for bay window, Button finials in Pewter on stands
Bay window pole, Button finials in Pewter