French Style Curtain Poles

French Style Wrought Iron Curtain Poles

French style curtain poles are wrought iron curtain poles with bends that allow the curtain or curtains to return to the wall. Known as a French return, this minimises light and draft leakage and so manages to be both practical and charming at the same time! We prefer a clean and simple provencial style, with the plate having a proper capture ring to retain the curtain rather than the improvised grub screw commonly found elsewhere. Please do compare quality and price with our competitors.
Bay window poles with French returns are also offered in two diameters and various finishes.

We make Double French Curtain Poles too (main pole with voile rod). (see below)

French pole in Black

Above: French Curtain pole in Traditional Black with collar detail (16mm)

The default style is without collar (most popular).

French curtain pole in Beeswax 16mm

Above: French return curtain pole without collar (16mm)

Details for 16mm dia pole:

Length of returns (inside distance between pole and wall) can be specified from 100mm to 150mm.
The fixing plates’ dimensions are 100 mm x 40 mm. The pole returns sit in  the centre of the bracket plates which gives 20mm from the edges of bracket plate to pole and screw hole centres. Available with or without collar.

25mm diameter:

25mm diameter curtain poles with French returns are also available and have 100 x 40mm fixing plates too.

Showing Curtain pole with French return finials
French Pole (with collar) In Black (25mm)
French Style curtain pole for bay window

French style bay window pole. A 25mm dia pole with return bends and ceiling fix within the bay, soon to be wrapped and ready for our customer.

How to give measurements for French Poles

Diagram to show how to measure

For French Bay Window Poles, once you’ve measured your bay window, let us know where you’d like the bracket plates located.

Fitting Guidance:

Fitting a French pole is ideally a two man job to ensure the pole is properly supported and located before being fully secured. After positioning on the wall we suggest marking, drilling and fitting screws in the following order for single length poles: 1. Top Left (not fully, to allow movement for levelling) , 2. Top Right 3. Bottom Left 4. Bottom Right.

For 16mm poles with Centre Joining Brackets you’ll need to position the Centre bracket before the other pole half. You’ll probably need to allow some movement to locate both pole halves before fully tightening the screws. Once you’re happy with everything you’ll need to carefully remove and refit once more to add rings.

Graphic to show suggested Fixing sequence

Double French Curtain Pole with Voile Rail

“Hi Stephen, The pole is up! Need to get my curtains made now its up and they can be measured for but here’s a glimpse for now with just the unlined linen sheers! Absolutely love this pole!! It’s perfect! Once the rest of the room is finished I’ll forward further photos. Thank you”…(Emma 2020)

Double French Curtain pole with Voile Rail

16mm dia Double French Pole with 12mm dia Voile Rail

Double French Curtain Pole

Hi Stephen,  I ordered this pole from you last year and had sent a photo at the time when I just had voiles up which I’ve seen you’ve popped in your website. Well now I have had the curtains made and hung and I can fully appreciate the beautiful french pole now! It’s fantastic. I love it so much. Here are some photos showing both poles put to use. I used antique french linen sheets for the curtaining with a Tailored Pleat and together this looks amazing. Thank you  Regards,”  … Emma Lovenberry (May 2021)

FYIBy default for Double French Curtain Poles, the main curtain pole would be 130mm (gap) from the wall with the 12mm diameter Voile rail at 28mm (gap) from the wall. (if you have window frames or sills to accomodate, please see below). There are options.

Drawing showing offsets for double french curtain poles

Double French poles have either a 16mm or 25mm diameter main pole with a 12mm diameter Voile rail.

Ordering and prices

Please view our prices here.

Information on ordering can be found on the Ordering page here, but you can just drop us an email with your requirements.

We’d need to know…

  • Pole diameter (25mm or 16mm)
  • The distance between bracket centres for the pole
  • The Main Pole offset (gap between pole and wall), 100, 150 or 200mm.
  • The finish (Black, Beeswax or Pewter)
  • For Double French poles consider the Voile rail offset if you need to clear a window frame, window sill, etc. Please advise us of any specific requirements.
Double French Curtain Pole
Showing 16mm Double French Curtain poles that we’d made for the super talented Carolyn Benson of Benson Studios, Dec 2021 (St James, London)
Bathroom Curtain pole for London client.

Hello again, just wanted to drop a quick note to say how thankful we are for the poles that we received last week. They went up yesterday and we are delighted with them” Mandy (Nov 2022)

Three French Curtain Poles
25mm Dia French poles in Black

Large bay window curtain pole with French returns.
A 6m + French style bay window curtain pole