French Style Curtain Poles

French style curtain poles

French style poles are curtain poles with bends that allow the curtain or curtains to return to the wall. Known as a French return, this minimises light and draft leakage and so manages to be both practical and charming at the same time! We prefer a clean and simple provencial style, with the plate having a proper capture ring to retain the curtain rather than the improvised grub screw commonly found elsewhere.
We can make bay window curtain poles with French style finials too, offered in two diameters, two styles and three finishes.

French pole in Black
French Curtain pole in Traditional Black (with collar detail)
Showing French Return
French Return in Beeswax (without collar)

Details for 16mm dia pole:

Length of returns (inside distance between pole and wall) can be specified from 100mm to 150mm.
The fixing plates’ dimensions are 85 mm x 40 mm (approx). The pole returns sit in  the centre of the bracket plates which gives 20mm from the edges of bracket plate to pole and screw hole centres. Available with or without collar.

French Curtain pole

25mm diameter curtain poles with French returns are also available, having slightly larger 90 x 40mm fixing plates.

French Style curtain pole for bay window

French style bay window pole. A 25mm dia pole with return bends and ceiling fix within the bay, soon to be wrapped and ready for our customer.

How to give measurements for French Poles

Diagram to show how to measure

“Hi Stephen, The pole is up! Need to get my curtains made now its up and they can be measured for but here’s a glimpse for now with just the unlined linen sheers! Absolutely love this pole!! It’s perfect! Once the rest of the room is finished I’ll forward further photos. Thank you”…(Emma 2020)

Ordering and prices

Please view our prices here. Information on ordering can be found on the Ordering page here, but you can just drop us an email with your requirements.

We’d need to know…

  • Pole diameter (25mm or 16mm)
  • The distance between bracket centres for the pole
  • The Pole offset (gap between pole and wall), 100 or 150mm
  • The finish (Black,Beeswax or Pewter)