Today’s ramblings…

I’ve almost got all the tooling done for the 25mm steel poles which I’ve been working on. I have such a full schedule at the moment that I can only fit this sort of thing in when the pole orders for the day have been finished. There’s quite a lot involved in adding a new diameter to the curtain pole range. All the rings, brackets and some of the finials have to be resized which means making new formers and calibrations for this that and the other. After all of that the poles themselves then need to be properly photographed which I think I’ll get someone else to do rather than doing it myself. There’s a lady in the village who’s a superb photographer who could really bring these things to life, as it were. Then hopefully I can get them properly displayed on the website. I’ve already had a lot of interest and a few orders for the new poles though, so I know they’ll be a success. I think they’ll make a nice compliment to the 16mm solid poles.

Today I’ve been making some 16mm curtain poles for the home of one of the world’s leading bronze sculptors, David Williams-Ellis, which will be on their way to him tomorrow. I’ve included a picture below of some of his work as the interest for today!


I’ll probably add a bit more to this post later on but sign off for the moment.