New 25 mm Diameter poles

This is just another short post. To be honest, I’ve just been so incredibly busy I’ve had no time at all to write up much. I do like writing the blog (and hopefully people actually read it!) so I must try to organise my time better.

Anyway, I’ve decided to add 25mm diameter curtain poles to the range as sometimes I’m asked if I make curtain poles in larger diameters. I’m just interested to see what sort of demand there’ll be for these; plus, a change is as good as a rest! These poles will be made from thick wall steel tubing as anything above 16mm in solid bar can get extremely heavy for wall fixings, especially when carrying heavy curtains. So they’ll be made in tube in all the colours of the wrought iron finishes; Beeswax, Tradtional Black or Pewter. Being made from tubing, they’ll have a smooth surface and texture so will appeal to those who are looking for a different look to the rustic charm of  wrought iron. Of course they’ll be extremely competively priced and very high quality.

I’ll be making Bay window curtain poles in 25mm diameter too, both Angled and Curved types and I’ll have some images on the website very soon.

I should have posted an image here to add a bit of interest, but that’ll have to wait until tomorrow when I can photo a curtain pole sample. As an aside, I’ve got a photo of Laurence Llewellyn Bowen showing my curtain poles in his own house somewhere so I’ll see if I can find it and if I can that’ll do for the time being…

…Can’t find the one I was looking for (which was the top one showing the curtain pole too) but I’ll update if I can find it. I had to download these from the curtain maker’s website whom I’d supplied. Apparently he chose mine over loads of others as they were just what he was looking for.