Portiere rods, (Swinging door curtain poles, Drapery arms)

Portiere rods

Portiere rods

Portiere rods allow a curtain to be placed over a door or over the doorless entrance to a room. The curtain then becomes a Portiere. Portieres are a good economical and ecological way to keep your house warm by covering the door thus insulating it from cold and draughts.

A Portiere rod (sometimes called a Drapery Arm or Swing Arm Door Curtain Pole) is basically a versatile curtain pole on a hinge. The portiere rod hinge can be fitted on the same wall as the door or on a side wall ( perpendicular to the door wall ). If the hinge is fixed on the same side as the door hinge, the curtain will open with the door. The curtain can be drawn or stacked out of the way just like on a normal curtain pole.

Not only are they great for keeping the house warm, portières can be the finishing touch to a style for a room.

We’ve looked at what’s out there and we’re confident that our wrought iron portiere rods are the best quality you’ll find compared to any others at any price.

The lead-time for portiere rod only orders is 8 weeks however, none of the ridiculous prices found elsewhere!

Just wanted to write and say thank you for the portiere rod. My husband has fitted it today and it is perfect – just what I wanted”…
(Elaine 2023)

Portiere rod in Beeswax finish

Portières are great for keeping the cold out.

Properly made, better quality and value…Function and Form in perfect harmony!

  • Strong wrought iron portiere arm formed from a single piece of 16mm solid bar (not two pieces welded together at the bend)
  • Unique heavy duty hinge bracket made by ourselves from thick strap (no generic imports)
  • End rest bracket (NB: fixes to wall not door)
  • 4 rings per 30cm pro rata arm length included
  • Button, Stopper or Plain Ball finial (see finials here)
  • Beeswax or Traditional Black
  • Up to 120cm for Portiere
  • The whole package for £99 + carriage (curtain not included!) .
  • The optional Spacer-plate is £10
  • Pewter finish available (+ £15 )
Portiere rod package with rings and rest bracket

Includes 16mm solid Arm, Hinge bracket, Rest bracket and plenty of rings.

Did you know that typically 35% of the heat lost in a house is through gaps in doors and windows?

“Thank you for the portiere, it looks great…”
Ralph (Feb 2023)

How to measure

Currently there are two ways you can give us the measurements for your portiere…Method 2 is more straight forward and the default.

Method 1

Description showing required measurements for a Portiere

How to measure for a Portiere rod (using Method 1)

Please give us the required length of the portiere rod arm from the back of the 16mm pivot to the end of the finial (any length up to 120 cm).

Important: For Method 1 you must work out and provide this specific measurement using the finial and bracket info below.

“The Portiere rod is really good and looks great fixed…” Brian (Feb 2023)

Fixing to the door wall.

If space is tight, remember to allow for the width of the hinge plate when fixing on the door wall. The hinge plate is 40mm wide so the outside edge of the plate will be 12 mm approx from the outside of the 16mm pivot (28mm from the inside edge the plate). In this case you’ll need to add 12mm to the required portiere arm length to find the minimum space required, plus a bit for clearance.

Fixing to the side wall, perpendicular to the door

If you intend to fix to the side wall perpendicular to the door, the hinge plate will add 5mm to the overall  length of the required Portiere arm length. Again, also remember to add at least a few mm clearance from the wall for swing.

“Good Afternoon Emer,

The portiere has arrived ,and we are delighted with the quality.

Thank you!

All the very best”

Jenny and Andy (March 2023)

Method 2 (Default)

Remember to allow any necessary clearance between the finial and wall so that the Portiere arm can swing freely. Measure in mm for higher accuracy in tight spaces. Please let us know whether you’re fixing to the door wall or side wall.

Fixing to the door wall.

Measure from outside edge of bracket (hinge) plate to the end of the finial.

A diagram to give measuring guidance for a Portiere rod fixed to a facing wall.

Optional Spacer plate for Door wall fixing (£10).

Depending on how you want to use the Portiere (e.g if used just as a curtain pole), you may want a Spacer plate to mount behind the Portiere hinge bracket on the wall just for a little extra clearance. If necessary, you can always make your own from a piece of ply or wood to suit your particular requirement.

Hole Positions

Top hole centres are 9mm from the top and side edges.

Bottom hole centre is 9mm from bottom the edge and 20mm from the side edges.

The holes are 5.5mm in diameter.

The plate is 175mm x 40 mm.

If you draw a “T”, 22mm x 157mm, the three hole centres are at the ends of the lines.

Fixing to the side wall.

Measure from the wall to the end of the finial.

A diagram to give measuring guidance for a Portiere rod fixed to a side wall by a door.

Portiere Rod FAQs

The Button finial is 6mm long.

The Stopper finial is 18mm long

The Plain Ball finial is 40mm long

The Bracket (Hinge) Plate is 175mm long x 40mm wide x 5mm thick.

The Total Hinge depth from Top of Staple to Back of Plate is about 28mm.

The Hinge bracket is ~15mm higher than the top of the portiere arm.

The optional Spacer-plate (more info, see above) is 175mm x 40mm x 5mm thick (£10 extra)

Are the Portiere’s self-closing?

For several reasons ours aren’t the mechanised self-closing type. These work using an arm screwed into the door face that then moves the curtain with the door. I stand to be corrected on this but on the examples I’ve seen the arm restricts the curtain from properly covering the leading edge and top of the door; so what’s the point of that? Secondly, sometimes you might just want to open and close the door without the curtain, so your options are limited there. And last but not least, it’s kind of a nice satisfying ritual to draw the portiere curtain by hand when those cold nights close in!

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