Snow, Bay window poles, Couriers

Made a couple of Bay poles today, a multi-angle Pewter one (Pictured) and a curved Beeswax (well, not quite finished actually).  The reflection in the Plain Ball finials is from the green awning overhead, stopping the trees dropping snow on the pole.

Everything was slower today due to the thick snow. It was a good 9″ deep in parts in Blockley and had to dig the car out several times to get home.

A package was due for delivery at the workshop so I had to be there in case it arrived. It didn’t arrive and thought they’d have obvious problems delivering but was surprised to get an email from DPD saying they’d attempted delivery and left a card but as no one was there they’d try again tomorrow.  I was there, they didn’t attempt delivery, they didn’t leave a card and there were no extra deliveryman footprints in the snow. Why didn’t they just say they couldn’t deliver today due to the weather conditions instead of gambling that probably I wouldn’t have made it in and making stuff up? This is why we use UPS for deliveries (or TNT occasionally), as they’re much more professional. Things do go wrong sometimes with deliveries, even with the best couriers, but most people are reasonable if you’re honest about it, so why try to hoodwink them?