Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

We use the following terms:

“You” – The Customer or their agent
“Us”,” we”,” our” – S P Harrison
“Working pole length” – the length of pole along which the rings can travel (does not include the finials)
“Bracket projection” – the distance between the back of the curtain pole and the wall or other mounting face

Prior to placing an order, please ensure you have read our terms and conditions.


We use the best, most reliable, established couriers we can find (typically DHL, Parcel Force, Royal Mail) but things can and do very occasionally go wrong. We cannot be held responsible for missed deliveries where no one is present to receive the goods when a delivery attempt is made. We cannot usually offer time slots and although goods are normally dispatched on a Next Day service, sometimes other services are used as necessary . We cannot always accommodate specific delivery instructions which, despite our requests on your behalf, fulfilment is often at the discretion of the individual driver or courier policy. We can only deliver to UK mainland at present.

Lead-times on orders

Lead-time on orders (as shown on the website) starts from receipt of full payment of the order, when the order is deemed to be placed. This is only an estimate though and sometimes could be slightly more or less. We will try to meet any shorter deadlines but this may not always be possible especially on larger orders. We do get extremely busy and, with the best will in the world, sometimes lead-times can be longer than anticipated.

By the same token, it is only reasonable that you can cancel an order for a full refund prior to any work being carried out on it.


A regular quotation date lasts for 30 days, stating from the quote date.

Defective or Damaged goods

You must check the goods upon receipt and inform us as soon as possible of any damage or defective items. We do not expect you to necessarily be aware of any fitting problems immediately but you must let us know of any such problems within 30 days of receipt of the goods.

Bespoke items

These items cannot be refunded unless they arrive damaged or faulty. Please check all descriptions of the product prior to placing an order for it. In the case of bay window curtain poles we may in some cases send you a schematic drawing with detail of the proposed curtain pole fitting which you must confirm as acceptable to you for your purposes.

Measuring for curtain poles and bay window curtain poles

You must endeavour to take careful and accurate measurements in accordance with our measuring guides.  By default, we will assume you have given us the wall measurements per the appropriate measuring guide. We will calculate the pole size allowing for bracket projection or requested offset from the measurements you supply. We do accept that in the real world of uneven walls, etc there needs to be reasonable tolerance allowed in measurements taken for bay windows. Consequently there is usually some tolerance built in to the bay window curtain poles too. However sometimes packing behind brackets or other reasonable adjustments at fitting may be necessary.  We will always give you the best fit practically achievable but you must also be reasonably informed regarding what is possible. For example when fitting a wall fixed curved pole of constant radius within an angled bay, geometry dictates that the distance from the wall to the pole will vary.  Also the bracket plates may need packing behind if fitting at the vertices of the walls.

Product description and application

Our solid 16mm diameter curtain poles are made with finials that are integral to the pole and are non detachable. For longer curtain poles (typically more than 2.2 m in total overall length) the curtain pole may be supplied in two sections which are joined using a centre socket bracket. In this case the rings would be removable. We supply four rings per 300mm of working pole length which we consider more than sufficient for most applications. It is however possible to remove excess rings or add “open” rings to 16mm diameter poles should this be necessary.

Our 25mm diameter curtain poles have a detachable finial at one end. These curtain poles are supplied with three rings per 300mm of working pole length.

We can supply curtain poles for wall fixing or ceiling fixing and although we can provide brackets of various projections the default is 45mm projection for 16mm diameter poles and 50mm for 25mm diameter poles. These defaults will be assumed unless you specifically request otherwise.

We will assume there is enough space for fitting standard, passing and horizontal brackets unless you advise that this is not the case. For example, Bay window poles with Passing rings have integral Passing brackets that are welded to the pole so it’s important to let us know if there are space restrictions anywhere along the bay window.  We have variations of brackets for different situations but we need to know if these will be required.

We cannot be held responsible for application if the curtain pole is not fitted in the position it was designed for. An example would be a bay window curtain pole fitted to a window frame which was designed to fit to the wall above it. We cannot accept responsiblity where a curtain pole has been damaged or altered by you or your fitter in an attempt to position it in a location other than it was originally designed for, with a consequent bad fitting.

Our curtain poles may not be suitable for some types of curtain attachment. An example is tab top or eyelet curtains for five bracket bay window curtain poles as these have a integral “Passing” brackets which these curtain types could not cross over. We cannot be held responsible for the result if you use anything other than standard, ordinary  curtain hooks with our curtain rings such as “curtain clips” or other types of curtain attachment our rings were not designed for. It is your responsibility to access the suitability of our products for your intended use.


We do not guarantee to colour match existing ironwork or items from other manufacturers. We won’t attempt to do this from photographs (or descriptions) as there are too many variables to allow for such as white balance, lighting conditions and display settings. Also, the finishes of our products on this website are individually applied by hand under varying conditions and may appear different for these reasons and the above.

Order acceptance

We reserve the right to refuse acceptance of any order at our sole discretion and without the need to give any reason. Examples of where this may happen are, not exclusively, given below:

Our inability to obtain authorisation for your order payment

If we are not confident the supplied measurements were taken or given with the necessary accuracy, care or attention to detail asked for, or in accordance with the relevant measuring guidelines on our website.

In summary…

Thank you for reading and look forward to receiving your order having accepted these terms & conditions.

We will always aim to be reasonable, sympathetic and helpful in the event of any problems regardless of fault.