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Flared Ball Curtain pole

Please do compare quality and prices with our competitors.

With reference to the notes underneath, please use the tables below to see the prices for curtain poles, and the price calculator for  Bay window poles.

Notes on curtain pole prices…

  • Rings are included in these prices:
  • 4 per 30 cm of 16mm curtain pole
  • 3 per 30cm of 25mm curtain pole
  • Brackets are included in these prices
  • The prices refer to the overall length of the poles (including the finial lengths) in Traditional Black or Beeswax finish.
  • Please add £25 per 16mm pole for Pewter finish (£7 per Hold-back in Pewter)
  •  Carriage charge per order to mainland UK is £12.50 (some Scottish regions will cost extra). Please ask for a quote for Saturday and Timed deliveries.
  • Trade enquiries: Unfortunately we can’t offer any further discount on these prices.

16mm diameter straight curtain pole prices:

(Rings & Brackets included)

16mm curtain poles

FinialAny length up to 1.5m Any length 1.5+m to 2.1m Any length 2.1+m to 2.4m Any length 2.4+m to 2.7mAny length 2.7+m to 3m
Recess£119 £140£153£162£174
Ball & Collar£156£170£185£199£214

Round Cage/Flared Ball£218£233£247£261£276
Cage & Ball£209£224£238£253£267
French £163£175£187£200£211
French (With Collar) £175£187£199£212£229
Double French £300£312£420£468£516
The price of a Black or Beeswax curtain pole depending on finial and overall length (including the length of the finials).
Please add £25 per pole for Pewter finish.

25mm diameter straight curtain pole prices:

(Rings & Brackets included)

25mm Curtain Poles

FinialAny length up to 1.5m Any length 1.5+m to 2.1m Any length 2.1+m to 2.4m Any length 2.4+m to 2.7mAny length 2.7+m to 3m
Ball £132£149£158£167£175
Button £145£155£165£175£187
Recess £145 £155£165£175£187
Ball & Collar£183£193£204£225£237

Flared Ball£227£242£257£272£287
French (with collar)£191£201£211£224£234
Double French£330£342£456£504£552
The price of a curtain pole depending on the chosen finial and overall length including the length of the finials.
Prices apply to Black, Beeswax or Pewter finish.

Extra long curtain poles (including Bay windows).

We can supply 25mm diameter curtain poles to any length.
Please ask for a quote.

Curtain poles for bay window poles.

  • All Passing rings ,4 per 30 cm of 16mm pole & 3 per 30cm for 25mm pole, and brackets are included in these prices.
  • Smaller bays may only require 3 brackets and use standard rings.
  • Curved curtain poles are only available in 25mm diameter and ceiling fix.

7 Step bay window pole instant price calculator:

(For bays with at least 2.1 m wall total)

Portiere Rods (16mm)

£99 + carriage

Up to 120cm

Plain Ball, Stopper or Button finial (see here)

Beeswax or Black finish (£20 more for Pewter) (see here)

Hinge bracket, Finial, Pole rest & Rings all included (Just add a curtain!)


StyleTraditional Black or BeeswaxPewter
Plain Ball£18£23
Ball & Collar£25£30
Cage & Ball£35£45
Round Cage£35£45

Extra brackets and rings.

Remember ample  rings and brackets are included with the poles but  we can sell them individually too.

Extra double hoop rings are 85p each (for 16mm)

Extra double hoop rings are £1.05 each (for 25mm)

Extra Passing rings are 95p each (for 16mm)

Extra Passing rings are £1.25 each (for 25mm)

Standard and centre brackets can be bought separately too and are £7 each

Joining brackets are £9 each